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Branding / Campaign




Use the power of sport as a catalyst for change, with an innovative Adidas product, service, brand experience or campaign for 17-25-year-olds in a key city. What can Adidas do for or with them to improve the fabric of their city?


I came up with a sub-brand of Adidas called 'Bubbleboost', which focuses on repurposing waste taken from our streets, into a product that benefits everyone who walks/runs in them.


This is an adaptation of Adidas' already existing logo for their sub-brand 'Boost' which already incorporates a bubble styled type.


Poster sequence featuring puns that'll stick in peoples heads, and encourage them to recycle gum instead of throwing it on the floor.


The pink role represents that the shoe features a midsole constructed out of recycled bubblegum.


The original Adidas shoebox is given a fun revamp, with a bubblegum colourway, and chewing gum textured stripes which wrap around the box.

Final Leaflet

The leaflet within the box, giving the story behind BubbleBoost, and letting the consumer know have they have personally made a difference.

Final Insoles copy

Insoles featuring the BubbleBoost branding on alternating sides, matching the heel cup.

white blank billboard poster indoor

Brightly colored gum bins sit alongside eye-catching, minimal Adidas posters to encourage recycling used gum instead of throwing on the floor.

Box Opening

Opening the box reveals 3 strands of stretched bubblegum, as a nod to the gum removed from the street.